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Junior Rodeo


By signing up for this you are agreeing to pay $20 per day with a $50 Cleaning deposit (returnable if pen is left clean).

Pen only, you are responsible to provide your own feed and your own feed/water containers

• Freshwater is available on location, for you to fill your water containers

• Clean-up manure/leftover feed/debris/etc, at end of last day

• These pens are Use @ Your Own Risk.  TMRA assumes no liability for the wellness or security of your horse(s)

Upon your arrival please contact Ken Finch, for your pen assignment(s) Ken Finch (661) 972-6797

• Once pen(s) have been cleaned on last day, contact Ken Finch for inspection and to receive your Cleaning Deposit

TMRA Pen Sign Up


Thanks for registering for a pen. When you arrive contact Kenny Finch for your pen assignment!

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